The leading team and the whole staff of the Veterinary Hospital are striving to achieve these important goals:

  • satisfied pet owner
  • continuous education and motivation of the staff
  • high level quality of products and services for pets

Planned goals will be realized within the implementation of quality system by:

  • permanent communication with pet owners in order to understand their demands
  • involvement of the staff on all levels of responsibility
  • permanent improvement of offered services

In order to understand the wishes of estimated pet owners Veterinary Hospital Poreč strive to create the quality for long term business. It is worth to mention that every day a respectful number of pet owners entrust the best choice of services. In order to assure high quality standard of veterinary services the hospital supplies high quality materials and equipment as improves veterinary care and treatment of pets. The staff of the hospital love animals and are happy to express their full devotion.