At our hospital we offer all modern procedures of general and local anesthesia. Let us inform you with more details.
General anesthesia makes the pet unconscious and unable to feel the pain. General anaesthesia is certainly indispensable to perform surgiical procedures.
Local anesthesia is a procedure performed with medications that are able to stop the transmission of nerve impulses and feeling of pain on the site where the surgical procedure will be performed.
Before the decision, we will certainly examine your pet and discuss with you the preparedness for the procedure. The examination includes thorugh blood test and chemistry panel. During anesthesia we will continually follow the heart rate, quality of breathing, blood pressure, body and blood oxygen. After the procedure, pets will receive the full intensive care in our specialized recovery room under continuous surveillance. As in humans, but rather rare, side effects due to anesthesia like decrease of blood pressure, heart andl lung failure ( heart or lung failure), bad air circulation, etc. are possible.