Picture 040In order to face the target of excellent veterinary services, we are proud to offer a large variety of surgical procedures. From pre-surgery treatment to post – surgery treatment taking care of your pet is our must.

Soft tissue surgery

Soft tissue gastroenterological surgery – extraction of foreign bodies, surgical treatment of opstipation
Surgical interventions on urinary system organs , cystotomy, removal of uroliths and obstructions, nephrectomy
Surgical interventions on reproductive organs, orchidectomy, ovariotomy, ovariohysterectomy, vaginal prolapse, surgical treatment of pyometra
Oncological surgical procedures-removal of mammary gland tumors, abdominal tumors, skin tumors, histopatological diagnostics of tumors.

Oral cavity surgical procedures

Does your pet oral cavity stinks? Contrary to the ordinary opinion, bad smell is not only a nuisance but also a clear sign of the oral cavity disease.During time, food remainings, saliva ingredients and bacteria asssociate and produce a layer on teeth scientifically called plaque. This plaque is perfect basis for salts that then create calculus. Signs are bad smell, salivation, difficulty in biting and chewing, teeth colouring or tooth loss. Tooth hygiene is very important to mantain pet in health. Postponing to solve the trouble will result with serious heart and kidney disorders. Call us at 052 432 128 and reserve your term for oral cavity health check free of charge for your pet.

OrthopedIc surgery

    • Simple and complicated bone fractures
    • Orthopedical problems of knee joint

– luxation of patellae, one side/both sides
– ruptue of the front crucial ligament, partial/complete

    • Surgical treatment of joint lesions