Picture 029 This procedure is perfect to investigate deeply the cause of changes in parameters of the blood,vomiting, diarrhea, emaciation but also to follow chronic infections, difficulties in urination, suspectful tumor diseases, pregnancy etc.

In order to perform an ultrasound scan, the ultrasound probe needs to come into very close contact with the skin. Thats why we need to shave the area to be scanned. Dont worry, the coat will grow back over 4-6 weeks! To increase the contact between the ultrasound probe and the skin we use a water-soluble gel on the skin. This minimises the air bubbles and allows a clearer picture to be formed on the screen. Once the scan is finished, all the gel is cleaned off your pet: We will certainly discuss the findings, what they mean, show you any images we have taken and what the next step in your pet’s care is.